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Flavoured Pastas  All £5/600g (4-6 portions)
Spinach and cracked black pepper (available in gluten free)                                        Vegan                              £7/kg bag or £3/300g
Seaweed and chilli (egg pasta)       (available in gluten free)                                        Vegetarian   £7/kg bag or £3/300g 
Beetroot and roasted garlic            (available in gluten free)                                         Vegan  £7/kg bag or £3/300g
Carrot and citrus                            (available in gluten free)                                         Vegan Vegan Vegan                                                                         £7/kg bag or £3/300g
Carrot and orange                         (available in gluten free)                                         Vegan £7/kg bag or £3/300g
Squid ink (egg pasta)                    (available in gluten free)                                         VegetarianVegetarian                                                                     VVV                                                                    £7/kg bag or £3/300g
Organic wholemeal (egg pasta)                                                                                    Vegetarian                           £7/kg bag or £3/300g 
Raviolis  Price                                  
Smoked Swansea Salmon with sweet red pepper, dill, ricotta and lime £15/kg box or £5.50/300g
Smoked Mackerel, Spinach, Mascarpone and Lime £15/kg box or £5.50/300g 
Cardigan Bay Crab with Mascarpone and Lime (unavailable during high winds) £17/kg box or £6.50/300g 
Caerphilly Cheese, Spinach and Parmesan                                                               Vegetarian £15/kg box or £5.50/300g 
Mozzarella Basil and Sun Dried Tomatoes                                                                 Vegetarian £15/kg box or £5.50/300g

Goats Cheese, Fresh Spinach, Chives and Parmesan                                              Vegetarian

Perl Las Cheese (similar to gorgonzola) with chives and walnuts                              Vegetarian

Ham, Soft Cheese, Fresh Curly Parsley and Parmesan                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Roasted  Butternut Squash with Double Cream and Nutmeg                                     Vegetarian

Roasted butternut squash with coconut milk and nutmeg                                          Vegan

£15/kg box or £5.50/300g

£15/kg box or £5.50/300g

£15/kg box or £5.50/300g 

£15/kg box or £5.50/300g 

£15/kg box or £5.50/300g

1 kg of ravioli will come in a hard opaque plastic container designed for freezer storage. 1kg contains approximately 120 of the larger sized ravioli. We reccomend 10-12 ravioli for a main meal and 5-6 for a starter 

All of our products will be delivered to you fresh and chilled in polystyrene boxes. We reccomend that you then freeze the pasta/ravioli and cook from frozen at your leisure (3-4 minutes in boiling water from frozen). Please shake the boxes of ravioli before freezing to ensure that they are all seperate and loose so that they all freeze individually and do not stick together.

To order please email stating your order, an invoice with payment details (cheque/BACS) will then be returned by E-mail, then our small team will begin handmaking your order!                       

Many Thanks Simon and Gina

Delivery Costs
Free deliver on orders over £45
Orders of £35-£44 have £3 delivery charge
Orders of £20-£34 have £5 delivery charge
Orders under £19 have £7.50 delivery charge
Delivered anywhere in Mainland Britain excluding Highlands and Islands

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